SDL International Aiding Chinas Textile Quality Campaign

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SDL International Aiding China’s Textile Quality CampaignChina is already the world’s biggest textile and clothing exporter – a business estimated to be worth US$75 billion by 2005 – but its producers find it difficult to penetrate the most lucrative markets in Europe and the USA, because of problems with quality standards and testing methods.Now, however, a solution is available for export-oriented Chinese mills, following the recent opening of the new “Fabrics China” laboratory in Beijing. Established by QC equipment supplier SDL International, the facility is the result of a collaboration between SDL China and the China Textiles Information Center (CTIC). Its Beijing labs, staffed by a team of technicians, make instrumentation and testing facilities for fibers, yarns and fabrics available to local textile companies for the first time.CTIC’s goal is to encourage the national adoption of recognized international standards such as ISO, AATCC, ASTM and BSI – while a key role of the “Fabrics China” lab is to create, for the guidance of export-oriented Chinese producers, new textile quality performance standards which will be accepted by major retail groups worldwide.SDL International Press ReleaseJanuary 2003