Cotton Incorporated Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Osaka Office

Cotton Incorporated, Cary, N.C., is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Osaka, Japan office.
“When we cut the ribbon for the Osaka office on September 1, 1982, it was because we recognized
that we needed a presence in the very crucial Asian market to ensure the future success of the
international cotton textile industry,” said J. Berrye Worsham, president and CEO.

“We have forged partnerships with many of the mills and have introduced new technology to
them, which in turn has helped them to thrive. We look forward to a continued and mutually
beneficial relationship with our friends in Asia,” Worsham said.

In the last 10 years, the Osaka office has coordinated the COTTECH Asia Conference in Japan
and Korea, designed to help mills and manufacturers enhance dyeing and finishing technologies in
order to increase quality and profitability of cotton textiles. The Tokyo Fashion Presentation, an
overview of fashion trends from Tokyo, was also initiated by the Osaka office to mills,
manufacturers and fashion organizations interested in entering the Japanese market.

Dean Turner, senior vice president, global product marketing, said, “By establishing a
presence in Asia, we have succeeded in our overall effort to assist our global customers in
building a strong future for cotton textile products. After 20 years in this region, we are still
going strong. The ongoing efforts of Cotton Incorporated in Asia are aimed at improving the cotton
industry’s competitive edge in this dynamic, exciting work market.”

September 2002