Hyosung Introduces creora® easy scour Spandex

Hyosung Corp., South Korea, reports its creora® easy scour spandex enables mills to reduce water consumption and improve quality, and also enhances a fabric’s color appearance. According to the company, the fiber’s proprietary finish makes it suitable for fine-gauge knitting and fine yarns used in delicate fabrics.

“This new creora® easy scour spandex has environmental and quality benefits as the reduced residual oil on fabric surface after scouring will allow mills to dye and finish more effectively,” said Hyosung President CH Kim. “This is important as we see color, softness, compression, shaping, fit and function continuing to drive consumer demand as illustrated in our 2016 trends.”

Among Hyosung’s Spring/Summer 2016 trends is “Dalliance” for intimate apparel, which features creora easy scour as well as the company’s matte/bright Mipan® fine nylon soft-touch yarns in colorful, lightweight, decorative sheer warp and circular knit fabrics.

Hyosung’s “Dalliance” Spring/Summer 2016 intimate apparel trend features creora® easy scour spandex and Mipan® nylon soft-touch yarns.

July/August/September 2014