SDL Atlas Offers PowerTear™ Tester

SDL Atlas, United States, has introduced the PowerTear™ High-Energy Elmendorf Tearing Tester for
testing the ballistic tear strength of both fine and heavyweight textiles.

The PowerTear’s microprocessor-controlled falling pendulum measures ballistic tear strength
by generating a single rip tear in a testing sample. The pendulum features a digital display, and
individual vertical and horizontal precision adjustors to determine the pendulum’s center of
gravity and make adjustments. An angular decoder is capable of measuring the pendulum’s swing
angles before and after testing to ensure a more direct and accurate determination of tearing

The Tester has a maximum capacity of 12,800 centinewtons, and higher-capacity add-on weights
are split into separate pieces to simplify tester capacity changes. A large, heavy steel base plate
prevents the pendulum’s swing from affecting test accuracy; and an electrical clutch immediately
stops the pendulum after testing to increase test efficiency and operator safety.

The tester’s software is compatible with all Windows® operating systems and enables users to
input batch information, remarks and specimen descriptions; include or exclude particular test
results; and create customized reports.

July/August/September 2013