ICCTM Recognizes Premier AQura 2™

The Switzerland-based International Textile Manufacturers Federation’s International Committee on
Cotton Testing Methods (ICCTM) — a nonprofit technical committee that evaluates new and existing
cotton testing methods and instrumentation — has granted full recognition to India-based Premier
Evolvics Pvt. Ltd.’s Premier aQura 2™ testing instrument. ICCTM evaluated company-provided
information and results from instrument comparison of multiple testing units to determine the
instrument’s applicability in textile mills or for research purposes.

The Premier aQura 2 tests the length and nep properties of cotton fiber materials at
different processing stages and outputs including raw cotton, opened material, sliver and comber
noil. The patented high-speed Aero Mechanical Individualiser (AMI) and Laser beam precisely measure
and classify neps by type and size; and an optical LED array provides actual length measurement on
an end-aligned sample. Additional options for the Premier aQura 2 include the True Neps feature,
which helps control the card and comber process parameters and identify rogue machines as well as
determine card clothing life; True Short Fibre, which represents the most appropriate short fiber
against the fixed length of 12.7 millimeters, and helps control the card and comber process; and
the Gravimetric Trash Module, which works with a single pass of the material as opposed to
conventional multiple pass systems.

April/May/June 2012