Shima Seiki Engineers New Computerized Flat-Knitting Machine

Japan-based Shima Seiki Mfg. Ltd. has introduced the SSR™ 112 entry-level computerized
flat-knitting machine designed for fast, mass production of basic knitwear. The company developed
the machine in response to economic changes that have led to large manufacturing demand for volume
goods produced rapidly at a reduced price. The company also hopes companies that previously may
have considered Shima Seiki to be an upscale brand will look at its more affordable line of

The SSR 112 features a 45-inch knitting width, and Shima Seiki’s R2CARRIAGE® Rapid Response
Carriage facilitates system high-speed knitting. The ultra-compact double-carriage system reduces
the size of the machine, allowing up to 15 percent more machinery to be installed in the same floor
space compared to conventional knitting machines with similar knitting widths. Shima Seiki reports
the SSR 112 is 25-percent more energy-efficient than previous-generation machines, and the company
includes DSCS® Digital Stitch Control System as a standard feature for quality and consistency.

July/August/September 2011