Protex Introduces REXAMINE®CP 9194 AL Softening Agent

Paris-based Protex International — a producer of chemical and biochemical specialties for a variety
of industries — has developed a softening agent for finishing natural and man-made fibers.
According to Protex, REXAMINE®CP 9194 AL helps to impart the bulk and slip often needed to finish
articles, and is particularly effective when a soft, full hand with an excellent slip is required.
The softening agent – which complies with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class I to IV – also enhances
other properties including abrasion resistance, tear strength, and cutting and sewing suitability;
and improves hydrophilicity of the treated cellulosic textile substrate. RexamineCP 9194 AL is
slightly cationic, and under normal conditions of use, will not modify whites or change the shades
of finished articles.

July/August/September 2011