OrganoClick Launches Biodegradable Water Repellent, Binder For Cellulosic Textiles

Sweden-based OrganoClick AB, a developer and provider of biofiber materials and chemical products,
has introduced two technologies based on biodegradable ingredients — OrganoTex™, a water-repellent
finish for cellulose-based fabrics that uses no fluorocarbons or other chemicals that are toxic to
the environment; and OC-biobinder™, a biopolymer-based binder that is used to improve mechanical
properties of cellulose-based nonwoven and coated textiles.

“The textile processing industry has for many years relied on chemicals that are very
effective, but on the other hand are often not degradable in nature and even may cause severe
effects on eco-systems or on human health,” said Mårten Hellberg, CEO, OrganoClick. “As customers
are starting to realize this problem, we believe that our new products have a tremendous potential
for textile manufacturers or textile product brands desiring to combine sustainable and organic
textiles with functionality.”

OrganoTex technology involves binding of a highly hydrophobic, biodegradable bio-additive to
the fiber via strong covalent chemical bonds that are highly resistant to laundering, according to
OrganoClick. The finish can be applied using dipping, padding and other conventional application
methods. The company adds that the water-repellency is durable and effective for the normal life of
the textile product.

OC-biobinder technology involves use of a polysaccaride derivate to bind the fibers together
via strong covalent chemical bonds, thereby enhancing the stiffness or strength of nonwovens and
other textiles. The binder can be applied using conventional methods. The polysaccaride derivate
comes from renewable sources, is biodegradable and is nontoxic to humans; and it can be used in
place of chemical, petroleum-based binders, according to the company.

July/August/September 2011