Lectra Launches Diamino® V5R4

Paris-based Lectra, a provider of integrated technology solutions for soft-goods applications, has
introduced Diamino®  V5R4, the latest edition of its marker-making technology, offering
features to improve speed and efficiency with regard to marker-making and material consumption
optimization in the costing, prototyping and production phases of product development.

“Buying material is now a major expense for manufacturers in the fashion, automotive and
furniture sectors and for companies that use industrial fabrics,” said Daniel Harari, CEO, Lectra.
“Marker-making is therefore a key lever for evaluating and guaranteeing the profitability of a
product at a very early stage and improving its cost price. The time savings, streamlined
processes, and material optimization offered by Diamino V5R4 give our customers a competitive

Solutions include DiaminoFashion and DiaminoFurniture as well as the DiaminoTechTex solution
designed for automotive, composite and industrial fabrics applications. The newest edition of the
technology uses two methods to optimize material consumption, with a manual method used for
interactive marker-making and an automated method that uses Diamino’s algorithms when interaction
is not needed. The methods also can be combined to make more complex markers.

According to Lectra, manufacturers can use Diamino V5R4’s new rapid Optimizer function in
both manual and automated mode on existing markers and realize material savings averaging 1 percent
over a substantial number of markers. Manufacturers working with lists or batches of markers may
see the efficiency of each marker improved in less than one minute.

The marker realizes further material savings by setting a protection area only around
internal notches. The efficient arrangement of fuse blocks to facilitate quick assembly leads to
time savings. Diamino V5R4 also provides direct access to HP-GL and Cutfile export interfaces as
well as the DXF format used for automotive and aerospace applications. In addition, only one
interface is needed for printer and plotter management.

April/May/June 2011