RadiciGroup Expands Radifloor®, Radigreen® And Radilon® Lines

Italy-based RadiciGroup – manufacturers of chemicals, plastics, man-made fibers and textile
machinery – has introduced several new fiber products.

Radifloor® Solid is a collection of solution-dyed nylon 6 bulk continuous filament yarns that
feature good color uniformity, lightfastness and resistance, according to the company. Also, in
addition to its environmentally friendly production owing to the solution-dyeing process, the yarn
features a special trilobal modified cross-section that enhances stain resistance and soil removal.
Designed for the contract sector, Radifloor Solid can be used for cut and loop pile construction
for wall-to-wall carpeting or for carpet tiles. The yarn range is available in counts of 1,000 and
1,300 decitex (dtex), with more than 100 colors in 1,300 dtex with 48 filaments.

RadiciGroup has added new, exclusive Radigreen® MFL PE polyethylene monofilament shapes to
its Radigreen range of polyolefin and polyamide (PA) yarns used for manufacturing artificial turf
for athletic fields as well as landscaping, decorative and other applications. The yarns are
available in a variety of colors and types for specific applications.

January/February/March 2010