Karl Mayer Adds CFRP Components To RSE 4-1 Raschel Machine, Relaunches HKS 4 F Terry Machine

Germany-based warp-knitting machinery manufacturer Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH has
announced that as of April 2010, it will offer its RSE 4-1 four-bar raschel machine, used for
processing stretch fabrics, with components made from lightweight, high-strength carbon
fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). The company has modified the design of the machine to handle the
new components and the resulting increased speed of operation. It also has modified the needles to
enhance resistance to lateral distortion.

According to the company, the RSE 4-1 will be the first raschel machine on the market to come
equipped with CFRP components, including bars that weigh up to 25-percent less than conventional
bars while also offering increased rigidity. Along with increased speed and accuracy, the machine
features an increased temperature tolerance range, which improves performance by minimizing the
need to adjust the needle tool according to climatic conditions as well as the need to reduce speed
following a machine stoppage.

In other news, Karl Mayer will reintroduce its HKS 4 F terry machine in May 2010, for
high-speed, efficient production of premium terry fabrics from filament yarns. The machine offers
speeds of up to 1,400 revolutions per minute, gauges of E 24 and E 28, and a working width of 136
inches. Another terry machine, the HKS 4 FB(Z), is used especially for cotton fabric production;
and it also can produce fabrics from filament, although at a considerably lower speed than the HKS
4 F.

January/February/March 2010