Genencor Adds EcoLight 1 Enzyme To PrimaGreen® Portfolio

Genencor – a manufacturer of enzyme product solutions for a variety of industries, and a division
of Denmark-based Danisco A/S – has added esterase enzyme EcoLight 1 to its PrimaGreen® line of
enzymes suitable for textile processing. EcoLight 1 is a bleaching enzyme designed to produce a
vintage look.

Genencor reports the PrimaGreen portfolio of products – which consists of PrimaGreen Super
for stone-washed effects, PrimaGreen EcoFade LT100 for denim fading and PrimaGreen EcoLight 1 –
allows a textile manufacturer to save on water and energy costs when compared to using traditional
hypochlorite treatment baths. Specifically, using PrimaGreen EcoLight 1 in combination with
cellulase enzyme PrimaGreen Super, Genencor estimates a manufacturer can achieve a vintage denim
look while reducing water usage by more than 50 percent and energy usage by more than 40 percent.
Or, mixing PrimaGreen EcoFade LT100, a lactase enzyme, with PrimaGreen Super reduces water usage by
more than 60 percent and energy usage by more than 70 percent, according to Genecor’s estimates.
The company currently is performing a life cycle assessment to quantify the ecological impact of
the PrimaGreen products. Genecor also reports that by using the latter combination of enzymes, it
also is possible to change the cast and bleach sulfur-dyed denim.

“Today, textile manufacturers and consumers are looking for more environmentally friendly
fashions without sacrificing style or quality,” said Glenn Nedwin, executive vice president,
Technical Enzyme Business Unit, Genencor. “The PrimaGreen portfolio of products provides the tools

create just that kind of apparel.”

January/February/March 2010