RadiciGroup Unveils Zeroxy™ FR Yarn

RadiciGroup, Italy, has introduced flame-retardant (FR) Zeroxy™ polyester yarn, developed in
collaboration with RadiciGroup subsidiary Noyfil S.A, Switzerland; brand owner Huvis, Korea; and
Switzerland-based distributor Lagam S.A.

The fiber’s FR and self-extinguishing properties are incorporated at the molecular level; and
the yarn maintains its colorfastness, wear resistance, quality and safety throughout the
manufacturing process, according to Radici. The yarn is suitable for hospitality, home and
transportation fabrics.

“The development of Zeroxy has enabled us to offer our customers a high performance product
that not only meets their aesthetic requirements, but also gives great added value in terms of
functionality and safety,” said Andrea Borgis, marketing manager, RadiciGroup.

January/February/March 2009