Oerlikon Saurer Showcases Allma CC3 Combi Machine At Tire Technology Show

Switzerland-based Oerlikon Saurer recently introduced the Allma CC3 Combi cabling and two-for-one
twisting machine at the Tire Technology 2009 trade show in Hamburg, Germany. The machine is
suitable for technical yarns such as tire cord, chafer and cap ply; and it also can process rayon
and aramids. The CC3 Combi comes equipped with CordGuard, an electronic monitoring system to ensure
finished product quality.


The machine runs at take-up speeds of 120 meters per minute for the two-for-one process.
Oerlikon Saurer also reports the CC3 Combi is highly flexible and can be changed from a two-for-one
twister to a cabler in only a few easy steps.

January/February/March 2009