Karl Mayer DJ 4/2 Seamless Machine Offered In New Configurations

Japan-based Nippon Mayer Ltd., a subsidiary of Germany-based Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH,
has revamped its DJ 4/2 seamless double-needle-bar raschel knitting machine, the first model in a
Seamless Smart narrow machine series targeted to seamless hosiery and lingerie producers.

Karl Mayer’s DJ 4/2 Seamless Smart narrow double-needle-bar raschel knitting machine in a
gauge of E 24

Features include: a 44-inch working width and a gauge of E 24; a speed of 800 to 900
stitches per minute; two ground guides and two jacquard bars, each configured in two shog lines, to
enable the pattern versatility achieved with six shog lines; Karl Mayer’s jacquard mechanism; piezo
jacquard-needle-control technology; Karl Mayer Command System (KAMCOS®) with the Multispeed system;
and electronic beam drives.

The company is promoting the new machine series as an economically priced supplement to its
RDPJ 6/2 double-needle-bar extra-large-format machine. According to Karl Mayer, the DJ 4/2 can be
operated and maintained without the need to have a large workforce, enables efficient new product
development, and offers flexibility for small batch production.

November/December 2008