Picanol Unveils OptiMax Rapier Loom

Belgium-based Picanol NV reports its OptiMax rapier weaving machine is both versatile and
productive. The newest model in its range of rapier looms — available with reed widths ranging from
190 to 540 centimeters and driven by Picanol’s patented energy-efficient Sumo main motor with
electronic settings — has been ergonomically designed to allow easy access.

The OptiMax features an optimized shed geometry that provides a smaller shed opening to
minimize stress on warp ends. A Guided Gripper system that allows maximum speeds is interchangeable
with a Free Flight system that maximizes versatility. Other features include: a weft presenter with
interchangeable modules allowing up to 12-color insertion; electronic right-hand gripper opener
system for improved weft insertion control; Quick Step filling presenter for low, consistent
filling tension; electronic selvage system and electronic take-up and let-off; Quick Style Change
system; and electronic shed crossing setting; among other features.

The OptiMax also can be fitted with interchangeable cam, dobby and jacquard shed formation
systems; Picanol’s OptiLeno module; superstructures such as an additional fancy beam or
jacquarette; a mechanical or an air tucker; and water-cooling option to reduce heat generated by
the machine’s high speeds. Prewinders may be equipped with Picanol’s patented Programmable Filling

Picanol also offers the Picanol PC Suite of software applications including LoomGate for
network communication between the PC and the weaving machine; Picanol Pattern Editor for designing
on the PC and transfer to the machine; EasyStyle for selecting settings according to the style to
be woven; and OptiStyle for interactive, improved problem solving.

March/April 2007