Allma Introduces CableCorder CC4

Germany-based Allma, a business unit of Saurer GmbH & Co. KG, reports its new CableCorder
CC4 offers new technologies that provide improved production of high-quality tire cord.According to
the company, features and capabilities include: processing of all yarns, including aramid and
rayon; reduced energy consumption by 5 to 10 percent, owing to an ideal balloon geometry and
central inverter system; two fully independent sides of the machine, allowing for cabling and
two-for-one twisting on the same machine without the need to convert; more compact design,
increasing production capacity per square meter; online thread tension monitoring at every twisting
point; improved cord regulator technology, minimizing length difference of individual threads;
spindle yarn tensioner that sets the thread tension precisely and ensures a relliable yarn path
with high tension settings; easy reproducibility of settings using advanced hysteresis tensioner;
and ergonomically optimized twisting positions for simplified supply package changes.

March/April 2007