Comez Introduces CLM/V For Velvet Ribbons

Italy-based narrow-fabric technology supplier Comez S.p.A. has designed its new CLM/V
high-efficiency needle loom to produce both rigid and elastic velvet ribbons. The CLM/V produces
two overlapping ribbons on one weaving head by knitting the warp threads – which are guided by
four link-chain- or cam-driven heddles, and which comprise the ribbon pile – alternately onto
the upper and lower ribbon. The 3-D fabric thus produced is cut and separated into two ribbons
using a circular knife tool.

The machine features an electronically controlled warp-thread feeder that allows variable pile
heights, and a dobby unit with eight to 20 heddle frames. The CLM/V 500 model is equipped with four
to six weaving heads, and the CLM/V 700 model has six to eight weaving heads.

January/February 2007