Uster Unveils CCU 2006 Clearer Control Unit, Uster Statistics

usterUster Technologies AG, Switzerland, has released the CCU 2006 clearer control unit
for its Uster® Quantum 2 clearers. The new unit replaces all earlier control units including the
Quantum SG 99 and SG 2000 without the need for external adaptation.

According to Uster, the CCU 2006 integrates latest-generation hardware and software
technology including a high-resolution 12.1-inch color touch screen, and can display and print
Chinese characters on all winders. Stand-alone installations include a robust thermal printer that
delivers printouts of improved resolution. Other interfaces including universal serial bus (USB)
facilitate software upgrades, data export and diagnostics. Additional features include an
easy-to-use menu structure, shortened menu navigation and improved graphics, among others.

Uster recently introduced a preliminary version of the Uster Statistics 2007 reference guide
reporting quality data for cotton fibers, yarns, rovings and slivers produced worldwide. The new
edition includes quality characteristics — including those for yarn on cones, Uster Classimat
Statistics for foreign fiber and process statistics, among other data — not reported in the
previous edition, published in 2001. The 2007 guide either will be available on a CD-ROM with
printable files or will be accessible at the company’s website,, in early 2007. The
online version will include interactive features, enabling users to set and compare individual

November/December 2006