Rieter Upgrades R 40 Rotor Spinning Machine

Switzerland-based Rieter Machine Works Ltd. has released an upgraded version of its R 40 rotor
spinning machine. The company reports the new machine, which includes newly developed technology
components, can be equipped with up to 400 rotors and four robots, uses 7-percent less energy than
the previous version, and offers a simplified operation with high spinning stability. The machine
also can be equipped with fancy yarn devices from specialist manufacturers.

Rieter has updated its R 40 rotor spinning machine.

According to Rieter, the updated R 40 capabilities include: rotor speeds of 160,000
revolutions per minute and delivery speeds of up to 350 meters per minute; quick and accurate
frequency-controlled drive adjustment at the machine control panel; and quick batch changes. The
company credits updated drive technology and optimized bearing technology with reducing energy
requirements. Furthermore, Rieter reports, the machine’s Aeropiecing technology improves piecing
quality; and the robot’s Expert Piecing System, which also can be retrofitted on existing R 40
machines, offers simplified settings.

Fancy yarn devices can be added to create multicount and multitwist effects, slubs, and a
combination of multicount and slubs. Rieter can integrate the Caipo system into the machine’s ex
works under its Variospin label. Other options include software packages for designing and
analyzing the effects.

November/December 2006