Schlafhorst BD 380 Semiautomatic Rotor Spinning Machine Based On Integral Concept

Schlafhorst, a subsidiary of Saurer GmbH & Co. KG, reports its new BD 380 semiautomatic rotor
spinning machine offers new efficiencies based on an integral concept that comprises all steps of
yarn production from sliver intake to winding.

According to the company, the new machine – which features up to 352 spinning units –
achieves rotor speeds of up to 110,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and take-up speeds of up to 180
meters per minute. The NSB 38 spinbox, combined with the new Value Line spinning component range,
improves yarn quality parameters, producing yarn that, for example, is 20-percent stronger than
yarn spun using conventional comparable technology. The spinbox also features an optimized
aerodynamic fiber flow and efficient removal of trash particles.

Schlafhorst notes the BD380 can process inferior raw materials without compromising
productivity or yarn quality, thereby improving the cost-effectiveness of the operation. The
TexParts rotor bearing, adapted to rotor speeds exceeding 100,000 rpm, contributes to machine
productivity and reduces energy usage by 5 percent.

The machine’s new winding head features an optimized drive technology and yarn guide,
enabling winding of packages of even density that contain up to 15-percent more yarn than
conventional packages.

As an option, Schlafhorst’s Fancynation fancy yarn device can be incorporated into all
spinning units or only into some machine sections.

November/December 2006