CITME Technology: Temco Components GmbH

Temco Components GmbH, Germany, will show a range of new developments for textile machinery used to
produce man-made fibers. In addition to its single and double friction texturizing units, the
company will present its new Long Life PUR friction discs with extended life cycles, enabling
shortened run times, and improved yarn quality and process efficiency. Temco also will show its
WinOLT® Information Center package including new functions for WinOLT online texturizing quality
monitoring software; its new-generation ZKS50 digital sensor; new LD22.Y14A air jet for 167-300
decitex draw textured yarn, which offers greater than 10-percent energy savings over conventional
jets; and the LD32 and LD4 air jets for bulk continuous filament and technical yarn production.

September/October 2006