CITME Technology: Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH

At CITME 2006, Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH, Germany, will introduce the HP-GX 3010 top weighting arm
for short-staple ring spinning, shown on drafting models of the EliTe®CompactSet-S and conventional
ring-spinning systems; the 5star®plus lattice apron, shown on an EliTeCompactSet-L model that also
will feature EliTwist®, Bräcker spinning rings, Novibra spindles and Gretener tubes; and the
QuickSpin System QSS, used for evaluating raw material quality. The company also will show rotor
spinning and premium parts in its booth, and will share a common booth — the House of Brands TCC –
Technology Components and Conversions — in the Swiss Pavilion with Switzerland-based Bräcker AG and
Graf + Cie AG, and Germany-based Novibra GmbH.

China-based Jingwei Textile Machinery Co. Ltd., which works in cooperation with Suessen to
supply spinning machinery to the Chinese market, will exhibit its newest-generation F1530
ring-spinning machine equipped on one side with Suessen’s EliTeCompactSet and EliTwist at the show.

September/October 2006