CITME Technology: Saurer GmbH & Co. KG

Saurer GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will be present at CITME, showing new products from its various
subsidiaries in the man-made and staple-fiber, nonwovens and embroidery sectors. The company also
will participate in the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) Textile Machinery Association’s booth.

Germany-based Barmag will show its ACW®, i-QOON® and SRW winders for polyester — including
super micro-polyester — and polyamide 6,6 yarns. The company also will feature its Total Solutions
capabilities and its FlexiDye® technology.

Neumag, Germany, will highlight its bulk continuous filament (BCF) product lines including
the S5 modular plant system, the S3 and S5 variomelt turnkey plants, and its CPC color pop
compacting color-separation method; man-made staple fiber manufacturing plants; and nonwoven
technologies including Neumag spunbond and meltblown, M&J airlaid; F.O.R. carding, Fehrer
needlepunching and aerodynamic carding, Autefa crosslapping and Kortec festooning technologies.

Neumag’s BCF S5 modular plant system

Schlafhorst, also based in Germany, will feature its open-end, rotor and friction spinning
technologies including the fully automatic Autocoro 360 – 408, semiautomatic BD 380, manual BD 280
rotor spinning, and Dref 2000® and Dref 3000® friction spinning technologies. Schlafhorst will
display an Autoconer 338 RM spindle unit equipped with Autotense FX, Propack FX, Variopack FX and
Ecopack FX. The company also will highlight compact yarn processing using the Autoconer 338 winding

Germany-based Zinser will unveil its Zinser 360 ring spinning machine, designed specifically
for the Chinese market, built in Saurer’s Suzhou plant and complementary to the 351 model. Zinser
also will highlight its 351/451 product lines.

Germany-based Allma and Volkmann will debut the CableCorder CC Easy cabling machine for tire
cord applications and the ECP 1 fancy yarn twisting machine. Also on view will be the Focus
two-for-one twisting machine for medium- to fine-count cotton and blended yarns.

Saurer Embroidery Systems, Switzerland, will highlight its EPOCA product range including a
patent-pending single control unit that operates two independent frames producing the same design.

Saurer also will feature its SUN – Service Unlimited initiative for customized services to
minimize production machinery costs and increase efficiency and quality.

Saurer’s China-based Jinsheng subsidiary will show its fiber-preparation product range at its
own separate booth.

September/October 2006