CITME Technology: Promatech S.p.A., Itema Group

Italy-based Promatech S.p.A. and parent company Itema Group will demonstrate three looms at CITME
that represent Promatech’s core production. A 190-cm-width Alpha PGA rapier loom equipped with a
Stäubli jacquard machine will be weaving upholstery fabrics. The company’s Silver HS rapier
equipped with a dobby machine will be shown weaving a high-quality cotton shirting fabric. The
Mythos E-Tec air-jet loom will be weaving sheeting.

Promatech’s sister company Itema (Shanghai) Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. also will present its
product range, produced in its new plant in Shanghai. Itema (Shanghai)’s K88 rapier loom, based on
the Promatech Silver product line, features innovations unique to the K88 program and offers a
special quality/price ratio, according to the company.

September/October 2006