CITME Technology: Lindauer Dornier GmbH

Germany-based Lindauer Dornier GmbH will highlight its rapier and air-jet weaving machines at CITME
2006. At the show, an eight-color, 24-heddle frame rapier machine will be shown weaving various
upholstery fabrics. Dornier’s rapier machines can run up to 16 colors; are compatible with jacquard
heads for maximum versatility; and feature AirGuide® technology, which offers contact-free
aerostatic support, according to the company.

Dornier’s air-jet weaving machines feature ServoControl®, a patented pressure regulation
system. According to Dornier, ServoControl minimizes the load applied to the yarn, and automatic,
reproducible pressure adjustment results in improved machine performance and higher-quality
fabrics. A 360-centimeter (cm)-wide air-jet machine will be demonstrated at the show weaving a
1,100-decitex coating fabric.

Dornier also will offer CITME visitors information on its other products such as EasyLeno®
leno technology; ServoTerry® air-jet terry machine; and machinery for tubular knits finishing,
including singeing, heat-setting, bleaching, mercerizing and crease-mark-free water extraction.

September/October 2006