CITME Technology: Jakob Müller AG, Frick

Jakob Müller AG, Frick, Switzerland, will show machinery and equipment for the narrow fabrics and
label industry. Machines making their CITME debuts include the Varitex V5M 4/65H narrow fabric
needleloom for light- to moderately heavyweight tapes and belts; Varitex V5MJ 128 8/30 narrow
fabric needleloom for warp-effect jacquard ribbons, trims, and decorative elastic and nonelastic
items; the Raschelina RD3 HS high-speed warp-knitting machine with weft insertion, featuring up to
four weft bars and working widths of 420 millimeters (mm) or 630 mm; the HW-ECO semiautomatic
measurement and roll-winding machine for nonelastic label braids, ribbons and tapes; and the MDLM
10/36 harness-free weaving machine for multicolored, jacquard-woven labels with soft edges. The
company’s educational and training center, the Jakob Müller Institute of Narrow Fabrics, will
present programs in machine operation, textile technology, management for textile manufacturers and
CAD systems.

September/October 2006