CITME Technology: Fong’s Industries Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong-based Fong’s Industries Co. Ltd.’s Germany-based subsidiary Then Maschinen GmbH will
exhibit its new Then-Airflow® Synergy fully automated fast dyeing technology. The company also will
show the Then-Time saver, which utilizes the Then-Airflow Direct Rinse method together with the
Power Rinse process and matches components such as the Volmedos dosing system; the continuous Self
Cleaner filter system; the Hot Drainer for use at temperatures higher than 85°C; and the
Then-Flexport independently controlled storage chamber with variable loading for appliqués, collars
and waistbands. Then’s tdS dyehouse system integrates dyeing machinery and PC control systems or
host computers with a common dyehouse system; and the modular CHD automatic chemical and auxiliary
dispensing unit enables chemical and liquid dyestuff dosing in quantities ranging from 50
milliliters to several hundred liters.

Sharing Then’s booth at CITME, Fong’s subsidiary Goller Textilmaschinen GmbH, also based in
Germany, will exhibit part of its Sintensa product line for treatment of open-width
tension/surface-sensitive fabrics including knitwear, raschel fabrics, bi-elastic woven fabrics,
viscose fabrics and others. The machine on display will include a Unirelax
swelling/dwelling/relaxation compartment; Vacu-Set vacuum system for removal of impurities from the
fabric; Sintensa washing compartment; and Multidata PLC-based drive system.

September/October 2006