CITME Technology: Fleissner GmbH

Fleissner GmbH, Germany, and Zimmer AG, Frankfurt, will share a booth at CITME 2006. Fleissner will
offer information on new AquaJet Spunlace system developments for filter webs; the economical Lean
AquaJet, targeted to new spunlace producers; spunbond/airlaid/spunlace composites for cost-saving
production of high-quality, lightweight wipes; multilayer nonwoven composites containing a range of
different layers; and other developments.

Fleissner’s shrinkproof lines

For man-made fiber spinning, Fleissner now offers custom staple-fiber lines comprising
spinning plant and fiber line, including Zimmer’s BN100 spinning system for two-stage processes.
Single-stage-process spinners have a choice from three different systems to suit the project type.
Fleissner also offers technologies for processing man-made bicomponent fiber and for converting
recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottle flakes into fiber.

Other Fleissner technology on view at CITME 2006 will include tufted carpet dyeing and
printing systems; carpet backing bonding using AquaCarpet; raw wool scouring lines; and bleaching,
dyeing, washing, drying, heat-setting and anti-felt finishing lines for various fibers.

September/October 2006