Rieter Introduces RSB-D 40 And SB-D 40 Draw Frames

Switzerland-based Rieter Textile Systems’ Spun Yarn Systems business reports its new-generation
RSB-D 40 autoleveler draw frame and SB-D 40 draw frame without leveling offer production rates of
up to 1,100 meters per minute, and 10-percent-higher delivery speeds than earlier models for all

Rieter’s RSB-D 40 autoleveler draw frame

Other reported benefits include improved yarn quality thanks to enhanced leveling dynamics,
new suction drafting system and improved scanning accuracy; 10-percent-lower energy consumption
compared with earlier models; and an AUTOhelp integrated spectrogram fault diagnosis system to
facilitate troubleshooting. The new draw frames also feature a CLEANcoil sliver coiler that allows
coiling of man-made fiber slivers without cleaning at unprecedented running times, and a special
nonmechanical solution for cutting sliver.

The RSB-D 40 also features AUTOset self-adjusting leveling, and the SB-D 40 offers additional
suction in the feeding section. Simple menu guidance, buttons for direct access and on-line help
are included in the graphic display; and an electronic instruction manual that includes videos
facilitates operation and maintenance of the new draw frames, according to Rieter.

July/August 2006