ITM Technology 2006: Itema Weaving: Promatech S.p.A.

Two booths at ITM 2006 — those of Turkey-based representatives Bilol Ltd. and Alfredo Modiano &
Fils — will showcase the rapier and air-jet loom technology available from Italy-based Promatech

A jacquard version of the Somet Alpha PGA weaving machine will be on display at the Bilol
booth along with the Mythos E-Tec weaving machine. The Alpha PGA features PGA rapier technology,
combined with a motorized cutting device. One configuration of the machine featuring a Bonas MJ2
jacquard head will be demonstrated weaving a high fashion women’s apparel fabric. A second
configuration with the Bonas MJ6 head will be shown weaving fancy curtain fabric. The Mythos E-Tec
is a versatile air-jet machine suitable for the production of fine shirting fabrics and will be
shown weaving such fabrics at the show.

Vamatex’s new DynaTerry Silver, which will debut at ITM, will be demonstrated weaving bath
mats at the Modiano booth. The machine combines improved mechanics with new electronic solutions to
ensure greater product quality than its predecessors, according to Promatech. Vamatex’s Silver HS,
a rapier loom well-suited for heavy cotton fabric production, also will be on display. The Silver
HS 220 will be shown weaving stretch denim, and the Silver HS 340 — featuring a Stäubli DX100
jacquard — will be weaving curtain fabric.

May/June 2006