ITM 2006 Technology: Uster Technologies AG

At ITM 2006, Switzerland-based Uster Technologies AG will exhibit quality management systems for
the textile supply chain. New products include the Uster® HVI 1000 classing system, and the Uster
Testers 5-S800 and 5-S400.

The Uster HVI 1000 — designed for high-volume classing — measures micronaire, fiber length,
length uniformity, strength, color and trash content at a speed of up to 1,000 samples per
eight-hour shift. Short fibers, cotton maturity and sample moisture content data also may be
obtained using the system.

The Tester 5 product range from Uster uses opto-electronic sensors for a high degree of
precision; and doubles the speed of testing yarns, roving and sliver. Featuring Uster Statistics,
the Tester 5 range can measure mass and yarn count variation and detect thin and thick places,
foreign fiber and neps.

Other Uster products to be highlighted during the show include the Uster Afis Pro for process
control in the spinning mill, the Uster Tensojet 4 featuring Weavability™ for testing tensile
strength, the Uster Quantum 2 yarn clearer and Uster Expert Systems for on-line product monitoring.

May/June 2006