ITM 2006 Technology: Toyota Industries Corp.

Japan-based Toyota Industries Corp. and Switzerland-based Toyota Textile Machinery Europe AG will
participate in ITM 2006, exhibiting their JAT710 air-jet weaving machines and RX240NEW-EST
ring-spinning machine.

Toyota’s JAT710TE weaving machine

More than 25,000 JAT710 looms have been sold since its launch in April 2003. At Toyota’s
booth, machines of varying widths shown will highlight the machine’s capabilities, including one
demonstrating the Flexible Insertion System (FIS), which allows yarns of widely varying counts and
weights to be run on the same machine.

The RX240NEW-EST is a compact spinning system featuring an easily detachable condensing unit;
perforated apron drive; and E-Draft, a fully integrated electro-draft system with fancy yarn
capability. At the show, the machine will demonstrate high-speed production of an extra-fine-count
compact yarn.

May/June 2006