ITM 2006 Technology: SMIT S.p.A.

To attract even the most demanding weaving machine buyers at ITM, Italy-based SMIT S.p.A. will
display the complete SMIT Textile product range. This includes the 900 series of machines, which
will be shown in several different configurations.

The GS900 gripper weaving machine features guideless dynamically controlled flexible rapier
technology developed and patented by SMIT. The device — featuring a spherical crankshaft for
optimal acceleration and speed — offers minimal rapier extra-stroke; minimal weft cutting, change
and release speed; and high regularity in weft insertion and maximum efficiency, according to the
company. The GS900 B 190 N8 SP will be on display at ITM weaving fine cotton shirting.

SMIT also will display the new GS900 F terry-weaving machine. At ITM, the GS900 B 260 F 8 SP
configuration will be shown weaving terry cloth.

Based on the same modular 900 series architecture, the JS900 air-jet weaving machine offers
maximum productivity and reliability, according to SMIT. The JS900 B 190 N4 S will be on display at
ITM weaving man-made apparel-style fabrics.

May/June 2006