ITM 2006 Technology: Picanol NV/Global Textile Partner

Belgium-based Picanol NV will exhibit weaving machines at its own booth during ITM 2006, and also
at the booths of partner companies.

The OMNIplus 800 4 P 190 air-jet weaving machine — featuring four colors, cam motion and a
190-centimeter (cm) reed width — will be shown weaving a shirting fabric. The machine is available
with the optional Prewinder Switch Off (PSO) system, which allows the machine to automatically
switch to another prewinder running the same material if a filling break occurs on a package or


Picanol’s TERRYplus 6 R 260 air-jet weaving machine — with six colors, dobby 2861 and a
260-cm reed — will be weaving a cotton terry fabric during the show. The machine features a
swinging reed for group beat-up, and the pre-beat-up distance is adjusted using a pile height motor
to set the specified pile height. The machine also features electronic control of the sley beat-up

Picanol’s OmniPlus 800

A GamMax 4 R 220 rapier weaving machine — having four colors, dobby 2862 and a
220-cm reed width — will be demonstrated weaving denim fabric. The machine features a new
lightweight, smaller guided gripper that offers higher speeds, reduced tension on the filling and
reduced friction on the warp yarns. The microprocessor-controlled Programmable Filling Tensioner
Lamellae (PFL) ensures optimal yarn tension during the filling insertion cycle, according to
Picanol. The machine also features Picanol’s Sumo main motor with Optispeed for variable speed
control of the Sumo drive.

At the Van de Wiele booth, Picanol will showcase an OMNIplus 800 6 J 250 air-jet machine
equipped with a Bonas jacquard head. The machine will be shown weaving mattress ticking.

In addition, a GamMax 8 J 190 equipped with a jacquard mechanism will be on display at the
Stäubli booth weaving upholstery fabric.

Picanol Group company Global Textile Partner (GTP) Accessories also will be present at the
show showcasing its line of weaving accessories. Products include Burcklé reeds, Steel Heddle
heddles and Te Strake air nozzles.

May/June 2006