ITM 2006 Technology: Itema Weaving: Sultex Ltd.

Switzerland-based Sultex Ltd. will exhibit two G6500 rapier weaving machines, as well as the
modified P7300HP projectile weaving machine at ITM 2006.

Sultex’s P7300HP weaving machine

The G6500, launched less than two years ago, was designed for optimal shed geometry and weft
insertion rate. According to Sultex, the machine’s compact dimensions and low-mass gripper head
minimize the acceleration forces acting on the machine. The G6500 can be fitted with either a
raceboard or patented supporting teeth to accommodate a wide range of warp yarns with varying
characteristics. The machine will be demonstrated at the show weaving outerwear fabrics and
high-quality furnishing fabrics.

Sultex’s latest generation projectile weaving machine — the P7300HP — can weave everything
from delicate fashion fabrics to heavy, tightly woven fabrics. The machine features a shed that
stays open longer during each machine revolution than the previous model, which allows insertion of
more picks per minute at the same weft speed. At ITM, the P7300HP on display — featuring a new leno
device without shafts and heddles — will be weaving an agrotextile.

May/June 2006