ITM 2006 Technology: Comez S.p.A.

Italy-based Comez S.p.A., known for crochet knitting machines, weaving-needleloom technology and
double-needle-bed warp-knitting machines, will highlight three of its machines at ITM 2006.

The Comeztronic CT-16B/600 crochet knitting machine, designed for complex lace and flounce
production, offers a working width of 600 millimeters (mm), and 16 electronically driven weft bars
that allow creation of elaborate patterns with long pattern repeats.

A scarf produced on a Comez machine

The Comez DNB/EL-800-8B electronic double-needle-bed warp-knitting machine has a
working width of 800 mm and has eight electronically driven pattern guide bars. The machine is
available in five needle gauges ranging from 5 to 20 needles per inch. Two needle beds, in
conjunction with the pattern guide bars, can produce double-faced fabrics that are suitable for
outerwear, sportswear, underwear and medical end-uses, among other uses.

The third machine Comez will display at ITM is the CLM 500 weaving needleloom. This machine
can be used to produce a wide range of rigid and elastic narrow fabrics and ribbons.
Interchangeable components — from eight to 20 heddle frames and the option of from two to eight
weaving heads — make the machine versatile depending on the number of ribbons produced.

May/June 2006