Van De Wiele Reports New Possibilities With CRX83

NV Michel Van de Wiele, Belgium, reports its Carpet & Rug eXplorer CRX83 three-rapier weaving
machine can produce carpets resembling the finest handmade carpets at a 30-percent higher
production rate than is achieved using conventional production methods.

According to the company, Persian carpet having 1,200,000 points per square meter may be
woven with 8.5 pile rows per centimeter (rows/cm) using a 700-dents-per-meter (d/m) reed with 8
colors in the 1/2 V weave structure. Using the conventional 1/1 V method, 10 or 12 pile rows/cm are
put in a 500-d/m reed. The designs produced using the new method also are finer because in 1/2 V,
one design line results in one pile row, while in 1/1 V, one design line results in two pile rows.

In addition, Van de Wiele reports, there is perfect pile fixation, and the carpet’s back is
much clearer than the back of conventional fine carpets because the latex backing is able to reach
all pile tufts.

March/April 2006