Karl Mayer Launches GOM 8 Basic Sample Warper

Germany-based Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH has introduced the GOM 8 basic sample warping
machine — a simplified, economical version of the GOM 16 sample warper. The company reports the GOM
8 — which costs approximately 30 percent less than the GOM 16 while offering the same sample
warping technology — is a viable solution for standard operations typically performed in Asian
mills and for newcomers with limited investment capital and/or undetermined needs.

Suitable for producing shirting fabric and for processing short runs of cotton, silk or wool
in a variety of patterns, the GOM 8 offers half the number of package positions as the GOM 16 and
fewer options; but it still runs at 1,200 meters per minute, has a virtually unlimited pattern
range with one rotary creel and allows color changes at full speed. Warps of up to 420 meters may
be produced, and warp beams have a lease at both ends.

March/April 2006