GTP Accessories Offers HybridPower 151

accessories supplier GTP Accessories, part of Belgium-based Picanol NV, now offers Greenville-based
Steel Heddle Inc.’s HybridPower 151 harness frame for weaving machines.


The frame features a combination of lightweight aluminum profile and high-strength carbon
fiber, which makes it 50-percent stronger than previous designs, according to the company. A new
center support and reinforced third drive point offer further frame strengthening and allow
wide-width weaving at high speeds. In addition, high profile and side brace stress are reduced by
the R-Flex corner connection, which connects the frame’s braces.

The patented heddle rod is adhesive-bonded, eliminating fatigue breakage caused by riveting
and adding to the profile’s strength. The frame also comes equipped with heddle dampers.

The HybridPower 151, already a standard accessory for the Picanol OMNIplus 800 air-jet
weaving machine, now is available for all brands of new and older models of weaving machines.

March/April 2006<