GE Magnasoft™ Enhancers Offer Performance, Softness

The Wilton, Conn.-based Advanced Materials business of General Electric (GE) Co. has released its
latest textile enhancers — Magnasoft™ Derma NT and Magnasoft JSS — that are based on its patented
linear block-copolymer technology platform. The products are highly stable and easily formulated,
and offer good hydrophilic performance while adding silkiness and fullness, according to GE
Advanced Materials.


N I Teijin Shoji USA Inc., New York City, uses GE’s Magnasoft™ JSS textile enhancer in its
Julia Jennings Collection of linens.

Magnasoft Derma NT makes textiles more durable to laundering by coating the surface and
penetrating the interior of the fiber. Additionally, less enhancer is needed to soften cotton and
polyester/cotton wovens and knits than are other hydrophilic and standard hydrophobic amino-based
softeners, GE Advanced Materials reports. The product may be used in exhaust, padding, overflow,
jet-flow and winch processes.

According to the manufacturer, Magnasoft JSS remains stable in temperatures up to 100°C and
pHs up to 14. In addition, the self-emulsifying, dilutive enhancer for cellulose-based fabrics does
not cause silicone spotting and gum-up during processing, or fabric discoloration or yellowing.
Magnasoft JSS may be used in overflow, jet-flow, padding and winch applications.

March/April 2006