BASF Ultraphor® Hinders Yellowing

Germany-based BASF AG reports its optical brightener Ultraphor® AUX-NY prevents the yellowing of
light-colored clothing caused by storage in film packaging material containing a colorless
butylated hydroxy toluene (BHT) additive that is transferred to garments and reacts with nitrogen
oxides from vehicle exhausts.

The new product, which can be used on all white and pastel-colored textiles, stops yellowing
by preventing nitrogen oxides from reacting with the BHT molecule. Because it does not foam in the
production process, fabric treatment requires no additional silicone antifoams.

Additionally, Ultraphor-treated fabrics meet Standard 100 (Product Class I) requirements of
Switzerland-based Oeko-Tex, an international association that tests the safety of chemicals used in
textile processing. The brightener also is safe for use on baby and children’s clothing, according
to BASF.

March/April 2006