Sultex Offers User-Friendly Shedding Machines

Sultex OffersUser-Friendly Shedding Machines

Sultex Ltd., Switzerland, reports its new shedding machines ensure virtually vibration- and
play-free operation, reducing stress on the machine and providing a perfect shed. The Sulzer Textil
EP11 tappet motion is available in two models: EP11sld and EP11, with and without automatic shaft
leveling. The device is available in four-, six-, eight- and 11shaft versions, and with weave
repeats for four to six picks. It features cams for all standard weaves, allows for staggering, and
operates at a maximum speed of up to 1,200 picks per minute. Sulzer Textil SP6 and SP7 rotary
dobbies, designed for use on rapier weaving machines, are very user-friendly and offer fast setting
of shed lift and height, according to the company. Features include a recirculating lubrication
system to ensure an extended life even under maximum loads; patented play take-up technology that,
coupled with minimal optimized accelerations, ensure smooth operation; and virtually unlimited
repeat lengths. The electronically controlled devices offer a maximum of up to 20 shafts in
12-millimeter pitch; are available with eight, 12, 16 or 20 drives; and operate at a speed of up to
700 picks per minute.

November/December 2005