Eastman Highlights Enabling Technologies For Nonwovens

Eastman HighlightsEnabling Technologies For Nonwovens

At INDEX 2005, held in April in Switzerland, U.S.-based Eastman Chemical Co. introduced its
latest enabling technologies for the nonwovens market. Eastman said the technologies profiled
enhance nonwovens products through active delivery mechanisms, proper film formation, improved
breatheability, and the binding of coatings and inks.Products on display included a number of
hydrocarbon resins for tackifiers in adhesion for use in diapers and adult incontinence and
feminine hygiene applications.Eastman specialty polymers offer enhanced functionality through fiber
manipulation and modification and many are water-dispersible, offering improved disposability and
recyclability.The company also highlighted its amorphous polyolefins (APOs), which are widely used
as a base polymer in formulating hot-melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives, sealants and paper
laminations. Epolene maleated polyolefins and polypropylene modified polymers interact with
numerous materials and may be used as coupling agents and adhesion promoters.In addition, Eastman
highlighted solvent products that provide performance benefits in cleaners and cleaning
formulations. The solvents can be used in industrial cleaning and surface preparation and meet the
performance and environmental requirements of nonwoven manufacturers.

July/August 2005