Burlington Develops Smart Fabric Finishing Application

Burlington DevelopsSmart Fabric Finishing Application

Burlington WorldWide (BWW), a business unit of the U.S.- based International Textile Group,
has partnered with U.S.-based Outlast Technologies Inc. and Switzerland-based Ciba Specialty
Chemicals to develop a new patent-pending finishing technology that enables fabric to adjust to
changes in temperature without altering the fabric’s inherent characteristics.Smart Fabric
technology™ is based on a proprietary formulation developed by Outlast and Ciba that uses
microencapsulated phase-change materials called Thermocules® to absorb and release heat to increase
comfort levels.“The result of this collaborative effort is a ‘smart’ versatile fabric that provides
consumers multiple functions and benefits,” said Ken Kunberger, president, BWW.The technology
initially will be used with activewear apparel. Menswear, barrier and uniform products will be
added soon afterward.

July/August 2005