ShanghaiTex Technology: Sultex


Sultex Ltd., Switzerland, will present its latest projectile and rapier weaving machines at
ShanghaiTex.On display in China for the first time will be the P7300HP projectile weaving machine,
which features a performance improvement of up to 20 percent compared to previous models. The
company added that optimized motion sequences and direct projectile acceleration help to maintain
the weft acceleration speed at low levels, resulting in a minimum number of weft stops.

Sultex G6500 rapier weaving machine

Sultex P7300HP projectile weaving machineAt the show, a dense belt fabric made of 1,100 dtex
polyester in the warp direction and a fourfold weft insertion of four 500 dtex polypropylene
monofilaments will demonstrate the capabilities of this new machine.In addition, the G6500 rapier
weaving machine will also be shown weaving a cashmere fabric.

May/June 2005