ShanghaiTex Technology: Stoll


H. Stoll GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will showcase its advanced knitting machinery at
ShanghaiTex 2005.On display will include the Stoll-knit and wear® Technology, with which knitters
will be able to produce seamless garments with an ideal fit. Stoll said key advantages of the
technology include reduced throughput times, yarn consumption, making-up processes and inventory.
In addition, the company said the machine can knit several different gauges in a single fabric, as
well as panels in different gauges without needle exchange or gauge conversion.

Stoll CMS 322 TC-M knitting machineAnother highlight will be the new tandem machine that can
knit intarsia in two panels simultaneously in tandem operation, as well as one panel or two panels
simultaneously with coupled carriages, with or without takedown comb.

May/June 2005