ShanghaiTex Technology: Brückner


Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will present a range of products at
ShanghaiTex 2005.One of the trademarks of the new Power-Line single-layer tenter is the combined
fresh air/exhaust air concept with automatic air flow control. The advantages of this design
include the ideal adjustment of the exhaust and fresh air volumes to the drying and heat-setting
processes by exhaust air humidity control and targeted fresh air supply to the individual
compartments. This increases the drying capacity and minimizes the consumption of process heat.The
Opti-Shrink compressive shrinking range for finishing woven fabrics, denim and delicate knitgoods
provides optimum compacting effect and minimum residual shrinkage; improved production speed with
consistent fabric quality; and optimum and uniform fabric appearance.The Opti-Compact soft
compacting calender for high-quality and open-width cotton, polyamide, Lycra, micro-fibers, and
viscose knitted fabrics offer advantages such as reduced residual shrinkage potential and smooth,
voluminous fabric hand. Simple, programmable parameters such as temperature, steam and speed lead
to reproducible quality values.The new Hotflue Dryer Color-Therm has an absolutely symmetrical,
large-volume air circulation system that ensures uniform dyeing results. The large roller diameter
and flexible individual drives of all upper rollers ensure a creasefree, low-tension cloth run.

The Infra-Therm infrared radiant dryer is based on infrared radiant heaters made of a
homogeneous and specially sintered metal filament material. The results are maximum productivity
and reproducibility.The efficient drying with the Opti-Relax relaxation dryer leads to a
shrink-fast finish with optimum tumbling effect, more bulkiness, a soft, voluminous fabric hand and
minimum residual shrinkage.In addition, Brückner will highlight its modular range of environmental
technologies, including the Eco-Heat heat recovery system and the Air-Clean exhaust air
purification system (air scrubbers and e-filters), which can be used with Brückner tenters or for
machines from other manufacturers.

May/June 2005