Monforts’ ITec Provides Easy Access To Production Information

Monforts iTec Provides Easy Access To Production Information

Germany-based A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG has introduced i-TEC, a handheld
computer for monitoring plant production.According to Monforts, the i-TEC software allows plant
managers to check the status of their Monforts equipment even when they are elsewhere in the
company premises. The handheld computer is connected by a wireless network to the production line
and can be operated from anywhere within a range of about 300 meters, depending on the antenna
system. Information about the equipment’s status, such as how fast a batch is progressing, whether
there are any active error messages, when the next scheduled maintenance is, and whether it has
been executed by the machine operators, is displayed on the screen of the handheld device.Several
Monforts ranges can be monitored from a single handheld computer. Urgent messages can also be sent
automatically to mobile phones or as e-mails.

March 2005