New Medical Fabric Provides Both Protection And Comfort

New Medical Fabric ProvidesBoth Protection And Comfort

Finland-based Ahlstrom has introduced a fabric that provides viral-barrier protection and
comfort for medical gowns. The company said the material, called Breathable Viral Barrier (BVB),
not only protects medical personnel from viral infections but also maintains a high level of
breathability and comfort, even as the wearer’s temperature rises.The triple-layered fabric
features a responsive, monolithic membrane sandwiched between inner and outer fabrics made of
continuous fine filaments. The inner layer provides a soft touch to the wearer’s skin while the
outer layer provides additional repellency and strength.

Ahlstrom’s triple-layered BVB fabric provides comfort and protection for Surgical gowns
“Ahlstrom’s research and development team developed this new fabric to address a simple but
consistent problem for medical personnel,” said Paul A. Marold, general manager, Medical Fabrics.”
For years, the choice has been protection or comfort in a medical gown. This fabric’s unique
qualities successfully eliminate the need to choose.” The inner membrane of the BVB “breathes”
because of the molecular diffusion of water vapor through the thickness of the film. The inner
membrane automatically responds to rising body temperatures by increasing the rate of moisture
transfer. The BVB fabric allows the wearer to perspire without trapping him or her inside a
non-breathable shell. Other gown fabrics currently on the market use micro-porous films, which by
definition, have holes and cannot provide the same level of protection, said Ahlstrom.

January/February 2005